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Al ZAMEL provides accounting services to private individuals, entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses, SME's, and Syria subsidiaries of overseas companies from a range of sectors including real estate development, hospitality, travel and tourism, airlines, educational institutes, insurance and general trading. We are a real alternative to the larger accountancy firms in terms of cost-effective service and hands-on approach.
  • Accounting
    Our services include:
      • Book-keeping.
      • Supervision of accounting departments.
      • Setting up accounting systems and procedures.
      • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Auditing
    With highly qualified auditors, Al ZAMEL is focused on providing comprehensive value-added audits for private national and international companies.

    During the audit, we will assess your company’s accounting systems and make recommendations on:
     • Efficiency and accuracy of accounting systems - not only can this result in improved efficiency, but also can highlight accuracy problems, which may not have been identified otherwise.
     • Robustness and appropriateness of risk management processes and systems - obviously, the high profile area of Corporate Governance demands increasing attention from Company Directors. A value-adding audit will ascertain if your systems are working correctly, and are appropriate to your organizational structure.
     • Remedial actions appropriate to any areas of potential weakness discovered during the audit - which can often result in opportunities to improve your business performance.
    In auditing, Al ZAMEL provides both Internal and External auditing services.

    Internal auditing
    Is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. As internal auditors, we measure degree of compliance to company’s policies and procedures and advise management and the Board of Directors regarding improvement in execution of their responsibilities. The objectives of internal auditing involve improving internal control and effectiveness of risk management. Our auditors typically issue reports at the end of each audit that summarize their findings, recommendations, and any responses or action plans from management.

    External Auditing
    Is to audit the financial statements of an organization. As an independent body, Al ZAMEL carries out external auditing to present an unbiased and independent evaluation on the organization. We provide
     • Reviews of Financial Statements and Compilation
     • Checking for material misstatements
     • Ensuring if financial statements are true/fair representation of actual positions
     • Bringing any fraud related information to the management’s attention
     • Investigating any material issues raised by regulatory authorities
  • Financial Planning and Operation
    In the field of corporate finance, we work closely with our clients to provide practical advice and help with implementation. We help those seeking to raise capital by bridging the understanding and experience gap between business managers and providers of capital. We can also provide

     • Financial Feasibility Studies
     • Selection and evaluating target businesses
     • Searching for appropriate partners
     • Business disposal

    In addition, Al ZAMEL also provides managed services for a number of national and international companies. We manage the revenues, cash transactions, corporate payments, staff payroll, taxation and reporting to authorities in accordance with regulations.
  • Tax Planning and Compliance Services
    Our tax professionals approach each client's situation with skill, experience, and independent judgment. By asking the right questions and understanding a client's specific details, we are able to gather the information needed to prepare tax returns and identify and implement valuable tax planning opportunities.

    We prepare tax returns for business and individual clients, emphasizing quality, timeliness, and efficiency for our clients from industries such as hospitality, travel and tourism, education, trading, manufacture and insurance.

    We combine a thorough knowledge of tax law with experience we have gained through years of working with individuals, partnerships, corporations and estates. We provide tax planning strategies that work to minimize your tax liability. We provide the following tax related services to our clients:
     • Business tax planning and preparation
     • Consultation and compliance on tax rules for international companies operating in Syria
     • Payroll and the related income tax services
  • Business Valuation
    Our licensed valuation experts will analyze the business and create a valuation report based on industry factors and valuation methods in accordance with the accepted standards and compliance regulations.

    Al ZAMEL has successfully conducted valuation services for
     • Mergers & Acquisitions
     • Buy/Sell agreements
     • Bankruptcy and reorganizations
     • Valuations of real estates
     • Business appraisal to obtain loan and financing
  • Consultancy
    Al ZAMEL is also able to provide consultancy services to organizations. In this, we cooperate with international companies in contributing to the development of corporation, small and medium enterprises. We provide
     • Corporate Strategic Planning
     • Corporate Governance Standards
     • Organizations Structuring and Design
     • Business Processing and Engineering
     • Operational Risk Analysis
     • Capital Structuring and Financial Leverage
     • Project Financing for Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Commercial and Real Estate Development Projects

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